Pink Topaz earrings – Sri Lankan gemstones

I bought these Pink Topaz gemstones in Sri Lanka the last time we visited, 2015. I had them made into earrings a few months ago….It could be years before the Aquamarine and other stones I collected on that trip make it to a jeweller. However I’m sure I will not be able to walk past a gemstone store when we head to Jaipur, Northern India later this year. Why not just buy earrings I hear you ask, I like very simple settings and they are not to be found in Sri Lanka, nor I suspect in India.

Have you every done this, any tips for a Gem lover heading to India??

If you are heading to Sri Lanka here is a little info about their industry…..

To visit Sri Lanka is to experience one of the great gem sources and trading centers in the world. This country has a rich, almost unparalleled tradition and remains vitally important to the modern gemstone market. Sri Lanka has a true mine-to-market industry, both domestically and for export. Its evolution over the last two decades blends the best of traditional practices with modern technologies and business models.

Jewelry design and manufacturing is directly tied to the domestic retail market as well as the market for Sri Lankans living abroad. Traditional 22K gold jewelry is in high demand for weddings as well as for investments and as a financial asset to pawn in times of need. At the same time, the market has adjusted to a younger generation with more varied tastes, while aiming to increase tourist purchases and broaden export markets.


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      Newtown Jewellers and Watchmakers ( Brian) 5 Wilson Street, Newtown ph 9550 4559. You need to have a visual reference and he is pretty slow, but also inexpensive.

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