Picayune Farm at Sunrise, Braidwood

On the way home from our road trip to Melbourne, Anon and I stayed and had a delightful night with Ms Jeune Pritchard on Picayune Farm, Braidwood.

These images are of the sunrise I experienced the morning after.So now I do understand why Jeune finds it hard to leave this fabulous little piece of paradise.

Jeune Pritchard was one of the very first style shoots I did for this blog. At the time she was still working at SBS now Jeune spends more time on the Picayune Farm at Braidwood working on her Thesis and feeding the horses. Her style has not changed, just adapted. She is, for me, a Style Icon.

Jeune and partner Helen share the farm with their horses, donkey's dogs and a cat.


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  1. Such a beautiful farm, wonderful dinner and company, and waking up to a magic sunrise. Bliss really. Thank you Jeune.

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