Peter McGee’s Art, Church Street, Newtown

If you walk down Church Street, from King Street in Newtown, look to your right at 270 Church Street for an example of Peter McGee artwork hanging in his window, a mini gallery if you like.

Peter, an academic, retired from Sydney University five years ago. He had enough money and could leave work on his own terms, so he made a list of some of things he’d like to do in retirement. As a seven-year-old he had loved to sketch and in his 20’s he dabbled, painting on canvas, so art was always going to be high on his list.

Second on the list was Peter’s interest in Math, however further study would mean heading back to the very place he had just retired from so not an overly exciting prospect.

Peter had also wanted to help advance an interest in science at a local disadvantaged school. He did this for a couple of years at Darlington School, and although he found it incredibly rewarding, one hour of teaching would take 8 hours of preparation and a family circumstance made it impossible to continue.

So art won out.

Peter started painting practicing technique on salvaged newspaper, then graduated to donated posters and now produces beautiful works on canvas. He has grown a following through community and word of mouth. The Inner West Art Trail helped get his name out there and now friends of friends and his website have helped swell his following and the number of paintings he is now selling.

For Peter the creating is the thing, the immersion of the doing …. the deep joy. All money Peter McGee earns from his paintings goes to The Pinnacle Foundation

This is about the Foundation …….

“ We exist to give young LGBT + students the chance to achieve their full potential to light the spark within.

Even in today’s society, LGBT + people need assistance to overcome the extra hurdles they encounter.

The Pinnacle Foundation’s focus is simple – we are helping LGBT + young adults to reach their full potential, and overcome their disadvantages. Our goal is to help young people position themselves for success, transform society for the better and enable them to be an inspiration to generation that follows them.”

When Peter isn’t painting he can be found training with “The Wet Ones” a master swimming squad. Butterfly and mid distance freestyle his events.



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