Peonie Season – Sydney Flower Market – Finally!

First Peonies of the season and other flowers from the Sydney Flower Market

This is a repost BUT it is that time of year again AND the Sydney Flower market is open to the public again...this is so worth getting up early for just one day!

I was out at Sydney Flower Market this morning at 4.30 am. A Peonie will do that to me, the opening pic is the Peonie tree variety -the Blousie sister - beautiful but not a stayer.

The thing about this flower is that they are so undeniably gorgeous and know how to keep everybody wanting more by only coming into season briefly in Spring. Starting out in a tight bud they loosen up to reveal a fluffy lushness that looks simply divine and drives brides wild with flower-lust.

Coming on colours ranging from white to pinks to deep port wine, this flower will dazzle your guests should your wedding or event fall in the hallowed season of late-October, November and maybe if you're lucky, early December.

Wikipedia says that the peony is popular in tattoos and were at one time so popular in China - where they are the national flower no less - they sold for thousands of dollars per bloom! The flowers can get to be as big as ten inches across and also have a vibrant and sweet scent. The bush can bloom for up to a century and are also prized in Asia for their medicinal properties.

But let's face it, you're probably here because it is their beauty that you care about, and there's no denying that - when they can be found - they are a many-coloured splendour and a winning combination in a floral design piece.

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  1. Wow, what stunning images of this beautiful flower. Such a shame the season is so limited – but then again, perhaps that makes it just a little bit more special …….

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