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Pen Chapman is a force…and a woman of many passions. She is one of our most successful TV drama producers.

Today however we are all about her clothes. I’ve know Pen for many years and her personal style has always struck me as very unique and deeply practical. Take her shoes, beautifull hand-made leather Laure Bassa’s in five different colours.

A fun day.

later I get an email…bought 20 lovely little steers..drenching in the dark last night with head torches….a force.

1. Who are the designers you like?
Alastair Trung, Zambesi, Nicola Waites, Jac and Jack, anybody Japanese

2. What sort of clothes appeal to you?
I’m inspired by the medieval looks of pre Vatican II nuns and the traditional shalwar qameez. I guess anything that covers one with elegance. I also love the way Japanese clothes present blocks of shape which shape or pattern a person. That’s for me. On other people, the sky is the limit if it is fabulously becoming and importantly tells a little story.

3 Do you have any style Icons?
Sheila Carroll for what she surrounded herself with – eccentric and beautiful things she picked up hither and yon because they delighted her – and assembled in Ilford House with great love and wit and beauty: My mother for the way she dressed – hers was an assertive, snappy, relaxed and witty style. As she aged her dress sense projected her as her own It Girl – you just had to pay her attention.

4 How Do you feel about getting older?

5. Do Magazines or Ad Campaigns talk to your generation?
Maybe but not to me

6. How Do you approach fashion compared to your mother’s generation
No I don’t really. My mother was a style addict. She was nuts about clothes and she was a great dresser. I hope I’m not as nuts about it all as she was but I do hope I have inherited some of her style.

7. Where are the clothes in the shots from?
The blue monogrammed tablecloth made into a dress worn over shalwar was designed and made by Jane Kendall who owns the lovely shop String in Braidwood; I’ll have to look at the others when I get home!!

8. What are the most important things in your life as you get older?
A body and a mind that hold out for as long as possible ! Friends friends friends (including and especially my daughter and hers); the bush (where all good things spiritual reside); amusement.

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  1. Thank you Lorrie for making me smile – such beautifully lit images of a tour de force we all love! xxx

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