Pasticceria Papa – Haberfield

Pasticceria Papa

The President of the Community Garden – ceremonial – and my dear friend, James, introduced me to this wonderful Riccotta cake one day for morning tea. It comes from this fabulous institution called Pasticceria Papa in Haberfield. Thank god it is that far away or I’d be there everyday. Best to ring and order and it must be eaten immediately….. OK after dinner if you have the will-power. The queue was out the door when I got to Haberfield this Saturday. I served it with fresh figs because they are so deliciously ripe at the moment.

James was hallucinating over the Christmas holidays about their fresh cannoli, so this is not a one trick pony operation.

They have shops in Haberfield, Fivedock, and now a new store at Bondi Beach ….

If you have ever been to Sicily, you’ll be instantly transported back by the aromas, the taste and atmosphere of these cafés.





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