Parliamentary Inquiry called – WestCONnex Project

For years now ... Anon and I - through Save Newtown - have been part of a growing number of community groups trying to shine a light on the appalling road project called WestCONnex. On Friday a Parliamentary inquiry was called into the project.

This is the email we got from local member Jenny Leong

Hi everyone,

Wooohooo!!! I have been running around behind the scenes in the parliament over the past months with the terms of reference on a piece of paper trying to get this to happen – last week I thought it was dead – but now it is happening!!!

I’m so pleased to be able to let you know that after years of community campaigning efforts by so many of you – we have secured a NSW parliamentary inquiry into WestConnex.

Like us, you know that this polluting and disastrous tollroad has had such a damaging impact – and we know there is so much that needs to be exposed.

The details of the inquiry into WestConnex are available here. As you can see they are wide-ranging and will mean that the Liberals will no longer be able to put a gloss on this shockingly wasteful and damaging project.

Check out our live Facebook post when we heard the news (and excuse the dodgy beginning)!

I want to thank all of you who have worked so hard for so long campaigning to challenge the Liberal’s tollroad obsession those of you who’ve been working with us publicly and behind the scenes to get this inquiry up.

We’ll be back in touch soon and in the meantime if there’s anything we can do to support your work, then let us know.



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  1. It is so distressing , good that there will be an enquirey tho a bit late for some. I hope there is a way to stop this monster.

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