Parish Stapleton talks about Hydroskin

I’d like to introduce Parish Stapleton one of the founders of the product Hydroskin.

This is the product Alison and I have been trying for the past couple of months.

We will be bringing you the results and reviews at the end of October.

I interviewed Parish about how and why he and his partner decided to make their own products.


ME Parish, Can you just tell me how you actually came to start HydroSkin, how it came about?

Parish: Sure. It began over a kitchen table conversation with my business partner, Julia. We were discussing various products that she’d always used on her face. . At the time she was frustrated by not being able to buy a pure Hyaluronic Acid serum, just pure Hyaluronic Acid, no fillers

So we started to investigate purchasing pure Hyaluronic Acid in a retail context, and we couldn’t. We knew that it was a really powerful product, and were aware of its amazing benefits to the skin, so we thought, well, lets see if we can buy Hyaluronic Acid as a raw ingredient. That led to a lot of investigation and research about what it actually is, how it’s made, its molecular weight and its benefits.

We discovered the lowest molecular weight hyaluronic acid available and bought it. We wanted the low molecular weight as it has a superior ability to penetrate deep into the skin and hydrate the dermis.

Meanwhile – we didn’t really know what we were going to do with it. So it arrived, and we met with some chemists and formulators and began discussing the products that were available on the market. There seemed to be a gap in the market for an honest, pure Hyaluronic Acid product – with most having nasty additives and hardly enough active HA to be effective. They advised us on what they would do and the best way to create the kind of product we were after. So that evolved. And that’s the serum…


ME Is this just for your own use at that point?

PARISH Yeah, that was just for us. We made that, and then we realised that no-one else could buy it. We thought okay, we’re going to make a skincare company that only uses ingredients we would want to put on our skin. So that’s exactly how it evolved – every ingredient was used by us first, and then HydroSkin was born.

ME : Just explain to me why HydroSkin, you think, is a more effective product than anything we can actually buy that’s on the market at the moment. What have you guys done?

PARISH : The year of research that we did revealed to us that, typically companies do not use the same percentage of active ingredients in their products compared to those tested in clinical trials. Meaning their products won’t have the results the trials predict.
So let’s say the clinical trial is done with Niacinamide, which is in our mist. The clinical trials are conducted with the active ingredient at a specific percentage. For example, if the active ingredient was tested at 5%, a lll supplementary ingredients in the product would amount to the 95%.

In our investigation we could not find a product that contained Niacinamide in the same percentage that it was tested at in clinical trials – meaning we couldn’t not find a product that would give those same results. So all of our ingredients are in amounts equal to or greater than those tested in clinical trials. That way we know, from looking at all the data and research, that our products will work. That’s why. That’s the HydroSkin difference. It’s the combination of high quality active ingredients and correct quantities.

ME : How long has it been going now? How long have you actually been doing HydroSkin?

PARISH: We launched the line in October last year. The three steps fully launched in January, so just since January


Me Tell me a bit about that fabulous product that I’m using as well, which is called Kakadu Plum.

PARISH: Oh, the Ultimate [C] Serum. Kakadu Plum is native to Australia and is harvested in the wild, making it 100 per cent natural and organic because it hasn’t been farmed. Hopefully, they’ll keep up that practice.
We work with a lab here in Australia that has worked out how to cellularly extract Kakadu Plum so it will maintain all of its superfruit goodness. Kakadu Plum is the most stable naturally occurring form of Vitamin C. It also contains the highest amount of Vitamin C found in nature – it has 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges. Kakadu Plum, on its own, has gone through clinical trials and has been proven to increase hydration by 78 per cent in the first five minutes and maintain it above 60 per cent for 10 hours. It reduces hyper-pigmentation and redness, but also has a lot of medicinal properties – it has been used in indigenous medicine for generations. It fights rosacea and dry skin and is one of the most effective free radical fighters you can get.
The fact that the Vitamin C is naturally occurring makes it very different from all of the synthetic forms of Vitamin C that you’ll find in most moisturisers and creams. The thing about Vitamin C is that it is a very unstable molecule. In the past they would have to put a large amount of Vitamin C into, say, a moisturiser and then hope that it would not oxidise before it actually got to your skin.
The moment that it comes out of a tube and hits air it will begin to oxidise. Adversely, it will also oxidise on your skin, which creates the reverse effect of what you’re trying to achieve with Vitamin C because it’s actually creating free radicals, as opposed to fighting them.
Our Kakadu Plum concentrate is stable in itself because the extraction process means the molecules still think they are part of the original fruit. So what’s in the bottle – that little bottle – thinks that it’s a plum. It’s an amazing, amazing product. It’s a 100 per cent concentrate, so it has not been diluted or messed with, again, because the clinical trials were done only on the concentrate. You may find companies that are using Kakadu plum, but they’ll put it inside a cream or another formulation that just dilutes that ingredient and subsequently diminishes its efficacy.


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  1. I have been using this product now for almost a year and also my clients at Cosmedical Clinic are now using Hydroskin products because they trust my judgement. I have loved the whole range of products and their results since virtually its inception.

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