Paris – Saturday 14th Nov 2015

We have been in Paris for two nights, having just settled into the apartment in the Marais we rented from AirBNB last year.
We like to pretend that we live in Paris and this week was to be the wind down easy part of the trip. Five weeks on the road the last 9 days in Morocco.

The casual attitude to borders has always amazed us in Europe. This flight, however, I guess arriving from Morocco, meant passport check and there were three army officers with machine guns standing off to one side … but no baggage checks!
We woke this morning to the news of the Terror attack less than 2 km from our apartment and less than 1 km from the less than fabulous restaurant we dined in last night.
We are shocked. Heartbroken. Furious.
The advice is to stay inside. We did for the morning but the desire to witness and not be cowed by events lead us to the streets this afternoon.
Most shops, Museums, and 17 metro stations were closed. The small poster at the start of this blog started to appear everywhere on the streets.
There are fears of more attacks, and when a stream of Police vans spead through the streets this afternoon, everyone stood very still.

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