Paris last moments……

We should be half way home…these are our last moments spent in Paris.
Yesterday there was a bloody raid on the suburb of St Denis to the Nth of us. Last year I convinced Anon to observe a different side of Paris and travel to the vibrant markets in St Denis. We have never felt such hostility.
The mood at Place de la Rebuplique last night could not have been more different.

The words at this man’s feet read..I am a muslim I am not a terrorist.
Like millions this week I was in awe of the simple inspiring words of Waleed Aly.
I was thankful that Toned Abs and his black and white words had left the room but disapointed that our new Prime Minister could’nt rise above the nouanced words used internationally by leaders at times like this. Could someone stand up and show some leadership…maybe learn from this man… hit the link


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  1. Come home safe you guys. You must be reeling again with this experience on the final leg of your journey home. Looking forward to a post soon from Newtown ‘the old town that we love’… x

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