Paris – 15th Nov 2015

Today there was a church service for the victims of the Terror attack and the their families at the majestic Notre Dame. A very private and sombre affair.

Police and army out in full strength, Parisians wanting to show their support lined either side of the cathedral.

We had decided on a cafe in Reu de Archives on our way home. When we turned into the street a policeman stopped us, then waved us on…we turned into mayhem..someone thought they had heard a bomb go off another gun fire. At least 7 cafés in the street destroyed by panic…glass all over the street, police and firemen covered the area. The city is on edge!

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  1. Lorrie
    A wonderful visual insight and so sensitively recorded. Thanks. I have many friends and family in Paris. Had to wait 24 hours on my nephew’s safety. Very harrowing, and awful for those who went through this madness. Stay safe.

  2. Dear Lorrie , Thanks so much for posting these poignant and moving images. So glad to know that you and all the Australian photographers are safe. Yesterday Lisa Sharkey was here at my studio helping pack up a large show for Fireworks Gallery in Brisbane. We came across a wooden box to carry prints to the address of The Australian Embassy in Paris Rue Jean Rey, from 1989 when I had a show there , my eyes filled with tears. Stay safe .The people at The Australian Embassy in Paris are always so helpful. I see posters for the exhibition of my dear teacher Lisette Model- and many other wonders. What a deranged world it is we live in- so torn by wars and the consequences of them. We all grieve around the world. Your images give a sense of the reality to our grief. Keep safe. Love Juno

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