Pamela Easton Trunk Show is on NOW!

This is a true Christmas treat...Pamela Easton Trunk show on NOW in Surry hills go get yourself a piece of art to wear for the festive season, this is something very special.

This is what Indulge magazine wrote about Pamela, it so on point about the way we should be thinking about our clothing, being very thoughtful about where and how we spend our money.

The designer prides her own label Pamela Easton on longevity, having been designed thoughtfully with sustainability at the beginning. She is creating pieces that can be worn for years, rather than items that are worn today and discarded tomorrow. She wants to create a future for the craftspeople who bring her designs to life, giving them the opportunity to succeed. “It is about ensuring that the people that make the clothes are paid correctly, work in good conditions and are generally treated in a very humane way, like how we would like to be treated.” Pamela spends a great deal of time with her production team in India, inspiring and sourcing new collections, as she holds a deep appreciation for her workers’ incredible textile skills that have been passed down through generations. Pam believes in nurturing these skills, together creating striking, unique and timeless pieces.

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