Outlet Newtown, Nostalgic, Green, Local

Small businesses make communities — whether densely populated urban areas or small towns — feel like home. Outlet Newtown is the new store on South King Street opened by Celia Morris

I met Celia Morris the owner/designer of the store Dragstar in South Newtown when she agreed to be a key speaker at our Save Newtown Stop WestConnex Community meeting.

After 20 years Dragstar and Celia are still on South King Street.

Celia studied Visual Communications and started selling T-shirts she designed at various markets. She traveled and then opened her first store in Bondi in 1992.

She says ” I didn’t start out to be ethical, but I want to keep the industries alive, the great artisans in the city, not what I call landfill fashion.

The fabrics are handprinted in Liechadt and the clothes and bags made locally.

The new venture Outlet Newtown, right next door to Dragstar is based on the same principles.
Green with a lot of Nostalgia a true local.

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