Out of my comfort zone – White Shoes – The new Black

Images from the Kintsugi Workshop at Darlinghurst, Sydney, September 2018

Images from the Kintsugi Workshop at Darlinghurst, Sydney, September 2018

I’m of an age when the idea of White Shoes have me conjuring images of Queensland Spivs, Conmen and Politicians. The only white shoes to be found in my wardrobe were a pair of Volleys well worn and definitely NOT a fashion item. So why now? I hear you ask… In the past year my clothes have morphed into a rainbow of navy blue and very dark navy blue I thought the look needed a lift. I was cruising through the DJ’s shoe Dept the other day and these very comfortable but fashionable …. if only for the brand … Opening Ceremony … leapt out at me. Below someone who works for a fashion bible talks up the colour… apparently the new black.

Anyway they’ll come in handy when I take up bowls in my older older age.

From WhoWhatWear……

If you were to take a peek into my sizeable shoe closet, you’d probably notice a theme: white. That’s because a few years ago (as designers such as Proenza Schouler, Tibi, and Céline sashayed them down the runways), I fell utterly in love with white shoes and have become obsessed ever since—ushering them into my closet to uplift my outfits (and mood) in the season’s most pristine silhouettes.

What’s with the love affair, you ask? There’s something about a white pair of shoes that adds a level of sophistication while exuding an of-the-moment cool. Not to mention they work with practically every outfit. White is the new black when it comes to my shoe closet. Not only do they ground an outfit, but they’re also the perfect alternative to black shoes and unquestionably add a chic factor to even the simplest jeans-and-tee combo. The white-shoe trend has shown no sign of slowing down either—the fashion set love them, and they’re as versatile as any nude or black pair.


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