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I could not help myself...I'm yet cook a thing from this book, but I just had to tell you it is here and at all good book shops...

This from an article in the Financial Review

“My big forte is collecting creative people around me, and not interfering too much,” he says on a phone call from London, where he lives with his husband, Karl Allen, and their two sons, Max and Flynn. “People are drawn to the world of our cooking, the style of it. And the way I see it, my job now is collecting talent, and letting people be themselves. It’s not about uniformity, it’s about a heterogeneous environment, lots of people cooking lots of different things.”

If making the world fall in love with vegetables is my legacy, I’m very happy with that.

Yotam Ottolenghi

It is this philosophy of bringing people together, he says, and of sharing stories, recipes and ideas, that has fuelled his entire career. Born in Jerusalem, the young Ottolenghi served in the Israeli army “only in the sense that everybody does it”, working in intelligence for three years. He studied literature and philosophy at Tel Aviv University, writing his master’s thesis on the philosophy of photographic images. If that all sounds a bit, well, specific, it is.

“I come from a very academic family,” he says of his professor father and teacher mother, “and so I knew I would go to university. I loved it, but at a certain point I felt that it was too niche – everything I was reading, writing, was not something I could share. I remember printing my thesis and giving it to some friends, and I am sure to this day none of them has read it.”

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