Orange Street, Osaka’s Brooklyn, Newtown!

Julie Pierce took me to Orange Street Day 2 ... no surprise and we felt very much at home. There is so much to see and do we went twice. So there is another post tomorrow.

Osaka’s Orange Street is a part of Osaka that’s full of the latest fashions and trends, boutiques, interior design stores and hip cafes. Formerly a furniture district, today this 800 metre long narrow backstreet is Osaka’s equivalent of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, London’s Shoreditch and Melbourne’s Fitzroy, Sydney's Newtown.

Orange Street is actually the street’s nickname. It’s real name is Tachibana dori, Tachibana being a type of citrus fruit native to Japan.

The street has a very different feel to other parts of Osaka, and whether this is actually the case or not, it certainly feels like an area that’s developed organically and is still taking shape. There are a lot of small, independent shops here that are genuinely interesting to check out.

Old Tachibana dori hasn’t completely gone, and there are still a number of pre-war furniture shops and Meiji-era antique shops in the area, although it’s evident that these are fast disappearing to accommodate Orange street’s new direction.

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