One-on-one cycling skills training for the rusty rider

Meet George Mihelakis, George was my instructor for the City of Sydney's One on One cycling skills training ... for the rusty rider... me.

The City of Sydney is offering free one-on-one or guardian and child cycling instruction during the COVID-19 crisis.

The instructor will meet you at a location that's convenient to you (NB. must be within 5km of the City of Sydney), safety check and sanitise your bike before commencing a two-hour course. You will learn skills and techniques to help make you a safer, more confident bike rider.

Register your interest by hitting the link below and they will be in touch shortly to confirm your booking.


George and my friend Kerry ( who appears on this blog in style shoots ...vintage Chanel and Dior etc) work for a company called Bikewise, who are based at Sydney Park and who have been contracted to deliver this wonderful service for the City of Sydney.

I loved this - thank you Kerry for suggesting it to me - I had been a bit spooked about bike riding after stacking a bike on my recent trip to Japan and injuring my knee. George took me through every aspect of bike riding and in the end I felt very confident ( not over confident which is important ) and in control which is very important.

When we come out the other side of this Virus crisis do check out the courses at Bikewise link below.


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