On the road to Moulay Indriss – Morocco

We left the wonderful Chefchouen or Blue City (blog next week) in one of the oldest Mercedes in Morocco, but what the car lacked in suspension, our driver Youssef made up for in warmth.

This is called a Grand Taxi and we had gone extra grand to accomodate Anon’s legs. We found this the most direct, save for self driving, way to get about in Morocco.

Youseef stopped at this country market to get what he, rightly, described as the sweetest mandarines we would ever taste. He turned to me and said this is a REAL market!

Youseef very kindly let me follow on in his dust. This would be a quick stop…it would have to be a fast shoot in and out of that market in 10 minutes.

It is the sort of place that I could have spent from dawn to dusk. These clothes and hats are only worn by people in the country. The people alone could have kept busy for days. I wish I could have just inhaled the whole market it was so wonderful!

Alas the road to Moulay Indriss and Youseef could not wait ……

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  1. I feel like I am there – thanks Lorrie – such great photos and that market sounds great, would have been hard to get me out of there as well!

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