Older models push back @ Fashion weeks

As trends go the use of older models during fashion week is fledgling but growing. This year Simone Rocha used Benedetta Barzini, 73 as star of her show, along with 3 other models over 50.

In the US, J Crew used REAL people and among them a few older models.

Some older models held protests outside the London shows. Their point was that Women aged over 50 spend nearly 7 billion pounds a year on clothes. An amount that shot up by 4.5 per cent between 2013 and 2013.

However the representation during fashion week was minimal and the use of little girls to inspire the older buyer was insulting.

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  1. Love Benedetta Barzini. She’s my current role model Divine. Finally designers getting on board and old sheila s like me have broader choice whether it’s opshop or a sharp designer.

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  2. Love this and lets hope its a growing trend, as it should be….interesting though, getting older generally means you have more money or at least are in control of your money so it is up to us to put our money where I mouth is and stop buying from places that appear to believe being over 40/50 doesn’t matter and choose not to speak directly to us….

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