Not very alert or alarmed in Europe

Rome Carabinerie alert and reassuring
Rome Carabinerie alert and reassuring

Rome Carabinerie alert and reassuring


Some observations about the response to Muslim terror campaigns in Europe, given the hysteria in Australia.

We have been on the road for a month, Rome / Florence / Venice and now Paris, and have not been asked for our passports once since leaving Kuala Lumpur …. no immigration …. no customs ….

The Kurd demonstration in Paris on Saturday was large but peaceful and the police kept their distance and just controlled traffic.

The only encounter we have had with Terror (apart from large groups of people following someone with a flag) was getting off the train in Nice and the station had been locked down and cleared because of an unattended bag left in the middle of the forecourt ….. since then Anon and I have seen many unattended bags and wondered, indeed, whether we should alert someone.

In Rome I saw a bit of graffiti about refugees not being welcome ….. but then in Florence more graffiti about being allowed to shoot tourists ……. but no running from women wearing the Burka.

This could be a different story in London next week, down in the polls and an election around the corner………


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