Nostalgic trip to Paddo Markets, Paddington

Last Saturday I took a nostalgic trip over to Paddo Markets with my friend Chris, she was house sitting in Paddington. I honestly hadn't been to these markets since living in Paddington in the late 70's. It certainly has had a bit of curation since then, and we arrived too late for the International food court. But definitely worth the trip.

This from their website ..... About Paddington Markets

Every Saturday from 10am Paddington Markets has been open since 1973! ​ Started as a market to encourage local fashion designers, craftspeople, jewellery makers and artists, the market has over 150 unique stalls filled with creative fashion and accessories, beautiful smelling soaps and candles and pictures that inspire.

​ Take a look at our International food court or try our selection of handmade chocolates and local bread. Relax under the trees with your coffee and lunch and then buy some flowers or a bonsai to brighten up your home. ​ We have new traders every week, so come along and say hi! ​ Paddington Markets is a mission initiative of Paddington Uniting Church.

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  1. Oh who’s coming with me! Gotta go again. It’s been years and years.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictorial reminder, Lorrie.

  2. Decades have passed for me also. Great to see it’s still there, still nurturing the local creatives. Thanks for the prompt (to maybe get there again one day …..) Hope you’re well xx

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