Nora Ephron – the last interview


I just finished this slight volume called Nora Ephron the last Interview and other conversations. Clever cause I guess there will always be one. It is part of a series …. The last Interview series published Melville House. I was delighted to find it, having read all that Ms Ephron wrote. I had just finished rereading I feel Bad About My Neck. Hilarious book.

a tid bit from this book…Ephron: “One exercise is to write – the question are you afraid of repeating yourself or repeating narratives – That
s one of the reasons I became interested in blogging – it was a new muscle to flex. I mean, I’m not even sure it is any longer, because things move very quickly in internet culture, but six years ago it was a new form. It wasn’t quite an essay , but it was essayist. It had to be short because of the concentration span of the reader.

It had a different function from other kinds of writing, in that it wasn’t meant to just be this piece of writing that people read, it was meant to be a piece of writing that started a conversation among the readers. Which became a reason for people e to read it, so that they could then express what they thought about it. And once you learn that about blogging, then you first of all have the sense not to read any of the comments – because a certain point they will be mean about you”

I got mine at Better Read than Dead in Newtown but I’m sure they would be online.

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