Nobody’s Looking At You – Janet Malcolm Essays

Nobody's Looking At You, Essays by Janet Malcolm. The Book.

My friend Sue Parker suggested this fabulous book, " Nobody's Looking At You" essays by Janet Malcolm ... it is a must read truly delicious ...

The title of this wonderfully eclectic collection comes from its profile of the fashion designer Eileen Fisher, from one of her mother's favourite reproofs. The book brings together previously uncompiled pieces of narrative non-fiction, mainly from the New Yorker and the New York Review of Books.

This is what Sue sent me and what had me walking toward Better Read than Dead bookshop to get my copy.

"There is a wish shared by women who consider themselves serious that the clothes they wear look as if they were heedlessly flung on rather than anxiously selected. The clothes of Eileen Fisher seem to have been designed to fulfil that wish. Words like "simple" and "tasteful" and colours like black and grey come to mind along with images of women of a certain age and class - professors editors, psychotherapists, lawyers, administrators - for who the hiding of vanity is an inner necessity ......"

DO YOU NOT WANT TO GRAB A ROSÉ AND DISCUSS....think about it....for who the hiding of vanity is an inner necessity!!

Let me know what you think after you've read the book...


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