New York Public Library – must visit

This is such a wonderful place to visit, stunningly beautiful interiors……and encouraging as the words from the Atlanic magazine below ….. attest.

“With all this change — not to mention a possible $40 million budget cut looming — it would be no surprise if the library was floundering like the music industry, newspapers, or travel agents. (Hey, man, we all get disintermediated sooner or later.) But that’s the wild thing.

The library isn’t floundering. Rather, it’s flourishing, putting out some of the most innovative online projects in the country. On the stuff you can measure — library visitors, website visitors, digital gallery images viewed — the numbers are up across the board compared with five years ago. On the stuff you can’t, like conceptual leadership, the NYPL is killing it.

The library clearly has reevaluated its role within the Internet information ecosystem and found a set of new identities. Let’s start from here: One, the New York Public Library is a social network with three million active users and two, the New York Public Library is a media outfit.”



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  1. Wonderful place to visit and to let an overwhelming sense of love and respect of knowledge envelope you. The quote nails it. “Conceptual leadership” winning out in a twitter verse.

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