New Sunnies can lift your look


A new pair of sunglasses can be enough to lift your look. I’ve been wearing Wayfarer Ray Bans for years now…. I have break out pair of Agnes B’s that I save for more formal occasions. A gift from LA Darl.

These are my new Retro Aviator Ray Bans . They’ve got me thinking of that leather jacket I bought … well leapt off the plane and raced to an address in New York.. after watching Kelly McGillis in the film Top Gun, team said jacket with a pencil skirt…See if you hang onto things long enough!

Top Gun jacket



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  1. I still have and wear a magnificent brown leather jacket you gave me Loz. I admired it one day and in typical Lorrie behaviour you immediately offered it to me. Of course I said I couldn’t possibly take such a fine piece of hide, but then I did!
    Thanks you generous blogger you.

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  2. Isnt it wonderful to have lasted a sufficient distance for decades-old clothes to be once again cool. About to drag out a 25 year old Japanese number for an awards night – think I wore it to the same awards way back then.

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