New research: women do not want to be defined by age!

New research by J Walter Thompson London Intelligence tells them, what we women have known for ever……We do not want to be defined by our age, size or for that matter ethnicity. The research company are calling this the Elastic Generation.

I don’t think in 2018 we need another label, we have known who we are long before research companies were sent out to define us.

This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to do more Style shoots this year. Also, I have a few interviews from Bali with some wonderful women I met there, who are redefining the way they want to live their lives.

We all know that what we want …. is … “to look good not young” and that the fact that media and fashion industries have ignored us, is both stupid and shortsighted.

This research tells them that…..” Women in their 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s are active engaged and involved…”NOTHING THEY DO IS MOTIVATED BY AGE”, no F..king surprises there! It also says its time to ditch the stereotypes….These women are living according to how they feel rather than how they ought….frankly I’m not sure what that means. How ought we behave?

The report refers to ageless living and agelessness; and the term Ageless Style is being used, a lot, right now. How else to describe women of all ages and the clothes they wear? Maybe we should stop trying to put labels on everything and just call it style. And living. Surely, if fashion brands get the clothes right (good fit, good quality fabrics, good size range and no skimping) then everyone will wear them, whatever their age…

I have high hopes for the way women are treated in 2018. Lets make the invisible visible



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