Aesop – Elemental Facial Barrier Cream for dry and sensitive skin

Aesop - Elemental Facial Barrier Cream for dry and sensitive skin

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Elemental Facial Barrier Cream from Aesop is fundamental care for vulnerable skin. This exceptional cream is ideal for dry and sensitive skin types and those exposed to cold, harsh conditions.

I took it to Canberra for the week to give it a trial. The emollient ingredients soften and hydrate, and provide a barrier against the elements. In Canberra, zero temperatures on the outside and sweltering on the inside.

A smooth sustained finish leaves skin feeling protected, calmed and supple..So my skin had an OK time … stop in and get a sample from Aesop, don’t be put off by the thick whiteness it absorbs very quickly.

Don’t just take my word …. here are comments and reviews from Cult Beauty :

Targeted towards those with especially dry, dehydrated or easily-offended skin types, Aesop’s Elemental Facial Barrier Cream is rich yet non-suffocating, to protect your complexion and replenish precious moisture, without exacerbating sensitivity or upsetting your skin’s equilibrium. As its name suggests, this intensive moisturiser creates an invisible, defensive shield between complexion and the elements – warding against attack from environmental aggressors, whilst preventing the negative effects of cold winds, central heating, air conditioning and everyday exposure to pollutants. A blend of emollient ingredients – including shea butter, sunflower seed oil and carnauba and candlilla waxes – alongside blemish-battling rosemary and lavender oils, this has a clean, herbaceous fragrance and smooth, buttery texture to leave your face feeling refreshed, replenished and protected with a beautifully smooth, satin feel.

The perfect foil for city-dwellers and those planning a particularly cold-weather holiday, Aesop’s Elemental Facial Barrier Cream defends your face against the dehydrating effects of weather extremes, consistent temperature changes and the ravages wrought by urban dirt, fumes and free radicals. Delivering instant relief from any tightness or discomfort, this intensely nourishing moisturiser quenches skin’s thirst and fortifies its lipid barrier, to keep your complexion cool, calm and collected. Both beautiful and practical, Aesop’s ethos is all about marrying old world wisdom with new tech disciplines – harnessing the finest botanical extracts and fusing them with the latest and greatest discoveries – to re-train your skin to be the best that it can be. The bottles are made of traditional amber glass (or sustainable plastic), to protect against UV degradation and prolong the integrity of their specialist blends whilst minimising the need for preservatives.

Have a look at the Aesop website, it is full of great products, and a wonderful description of the Aesop philosophy and history. There are links there for online shop orders

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  1. Meant to say thanks for this Lorrie – I was eyeing this off when I read your blog so I got it and love it – great for sensitive and dry skin – I still have my wrinkles but at least they look well moisturised now!

  2. All well and good, but is it going to get rid of wrinkles? It’s got its work cut out, if so…

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