Near and Far

Bliss …. a book that covers two loves, travel and cooking. This book, by Heidi Swanson I discovered late last year on the David Lebovitz wonderful website, and did a blog about one of the dishes featured in it, a dish from India called Vaghareli makai.

The book has just arrived in our bookshops and is more lovely than I could have imagined.

Heidi Swanson writes beautifully e.g….from her notebook 25 january – Long, thin whips of deep green puntarelle, a swarm of tiny yellow key limes, dried persimmons with downy skins, red-skinned hand cracked walnuts, chickpea flour, sprouted mung beans a friendly giant pomelo with twin glossy leaves attached, stub bouquets of nameko mushrooms, little hello pom-poms from snipped branches of acacia tree.

There are things I don’t know about in that rift of food descriptions, nameko mushrooms but this book makes me want to know how to make flower pepper and Lillet shrub, saffron honey, watermelon radish soup and to travel to the places that delight in drinks called Vin de pamplemousse and dishes of quick-picked rose petals.

This is a gem of a book.

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  1. this looks wonderful.. I did one of Heidi’s cooking classes a few years ago and it was a very worthwhile experience. I’m definitely going to get this book..

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