@nativevillage, Clothing Brand, Tokyo, Japan

@nativevillage instagram feed, fashion label, Tokyo, Japan

This instagram @nativevillage came up on my feed, I love the aesthetic and sensibility of Japanese fashion. There is a shop in Tokyo but luckily for those of you who live in Melbourne or are about to visit .... the store Scarlet Jones has just started stocking their clothes, go to their Albert Park store to check out some Autumnal dresses.

If you don't know Scarlet Jones .... this is what they say about themselves

Created by Lynn Clay, Scarlet Jones had humble beginnings trading out of a warehouse space in Malvern East, Victoria in 2005. After quickly gaining notoriety as the place to purchase beautiful items, the store moved to its current space in Auburn Village, Hawthorn East.

Scarlet Jones has now evolved into two concept stores which are home to stunning clothing and home wares from the world over. The diverse range of labels all share a strong business ethic, use high quality fabrics and show amazing attention to detail.
The pieces at Scarlet Jones are stylish rather than "fashionable", posessing a look and quality that are designed to last and last.

I just have to get to Melbourne........!!!

Below is what the brand nativevillage says about itself, its pretty well all I could find about the brand....

‘native’ is nature which cannot change, nature which won’t change ‘village’ is a small homeland “A PIECE UNCHANGEABLE, A PIECE CARRIES ON” A piece unchangeable for a person who wears, no matter how much time passes. The concept is to make such a piece.

Designer; Masaaki Matsuya Managed GASA* with Mie Igarashi as a designer from 1994-2005.

Start up a brand QUE? (later known as NATIVE VILLAGE) soon after.

From 2013 SS collection, started NATIVE VILLAGE based on the new concept.

Opened a shop on January, 2014. Started to present NATIVE VILLAGE 2017AW collection in Paris



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