My virtue signalling project – Perisher

Virtue signalling is a pejorative neologism for the conspicuous and disingenuous expression of moral values with the intent to enhance one's own image.

I applied this to a jumper I have owned and loved for over 20 years, it was more hole than jumper when I decided to Virtue Signal Darn it while on the Perisher Big Chill Week mini break.

For it to Virtue signal I had to make it pretty obvious the jumper had been saved. So I chose bright pink wool, I have no talent in most of the domestic arts. Fortunately, I was surrounded by women who have all of these bases covered and a great deal of talent and experience.

Thank you Julie Pierce, Alison Chamberlain and Leslie Stern.

I had no idea how involving and time chewing the process of darning can be, so with little experience but a great deal of determination the project was completed by the end of the week.

A win win, Jumper restored, I - self indulgently - feel very very pleased with myself, others now know that I just don't throw out items of clothing.....pretty much!

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