My journey to Japan to visit Julie and Charlie Pierce

In the next few weeks I'll be bringing you stories from Japan. Late last year I had a wonderful visit with my friends Julie Pierce - a muse for this blog for years - and her husband Charlie. They have purchased a little house in the suburbs of Osaka in Japan.

Osaka is a large port city and commercial center on the Japanese island of Honshu it is 3 hours south of Tokyo on the shinkansen ( or fast train ).

Julie and Charlie spend time in the house for the 3 months of Spring and Autumn, and have immersed themselves in flow of ordinary life in their suburb and the city so it was quiet an incredible gift to share the experience with them for a couple of weeks.

The image above of Julie was taken at Lake Biwa when we went for lunch with the designer and other Japanese resident Sally Smith...more on that and our trip to Tokyo to come ... so stayed tuned.


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