My Covid obsession for Linens and Napery

I have no explanation for my recently acquired obsession for Linens and Napery. It may be the joy of colour palette or just the Covid home.

This may explain it from Anastasia Miari

The term ‘setting the table’ literally came about in the medieval period when the table itself would have to be constructed every mealtime out of trestles and a long slab of wood. Any ‘dressing’ of the table might have involved a dirty, rough cloth that diners could wipe their mouths on — basically an oversized, communal napkin. Nice.

In Ancient Greece, the design of the table itself was as important (if not more) than what was on the table. Animal shaped table legs were found on ivory and bronze tables (always low for a laissez-faire banqueting style — lazy Greeks) while centrepieces might have involved rock crystal and decorative leaves. Crockery wasn’t really a thing but the ‘skyphos’ (a deep, decorated, two-handed vessel for drinking wine) definitely was. This took pride of place at any Greek dinner party and was slurped at by one and all.

Thankfully, our tastes and compulsions have once again changed. Mobile phones and the internet have taken the place of the television as a 21st Century addiction. London-base experiential event producer Victoria Baker and set dresser Matilda Gould are both in agreement that Instagram has changed the way we think about setting the table. “I really think the rise of Instagram has played a big part in the need to decorate the table more so than ever before,” says Gould on the recent trend for pattern-on-pattern maximalism.

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  1. Lovely post.

    Have to say the recent tables have been magnificent. And the ‘dressing’ with beautiful soft linen has been all the more important in these crazy COVID times when dining out has diminished and having some friends around for a meal has become a somewhat special event that deserves special atmosphere to go with the special food and company.

    Bravo to Linen Knapery !

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