mutton dressed as lamb foot moment!



My vainglory lapse of judgement moment – call it what you will – happened four weeks ago. We had two dinner parties over one weekend. I noticed a fashion spread featuring these shoes in a magazine and remembered I’d bought a pair 18 months earlier. I had worn them only twice. Obviously a lapse of memory about how hard it was to stay up-right in them or just blindly wanting to look on trend – more likely – I decided to wear them to the dinners.

The first happened without incident, the second across the road from home on a wet night and a few glasses wine did not end well. I hit a bit of uneven road and the shoes threw me off ….. my friend Fran said we are not to use the word fall, way too ageing.  My injuries ….. a badly bruised left hand, a smashed thumb nail on the right hand, two scrapped knees and a joint fracture in my right foot ….  happened in a flash and probably could have been worse.

I strapped the foot and wore my RMs in Bougainville and the thumb looks awful but stopped hurting. My doctor said I had to wear a moon boot for the foot if I wanted to be able to walk in 40 years .. she would have convinced me with 10!

LA Darl has found a wonderful article about what happens when we don’t concentrate out on the mean streets ……… but I blame the shoes …….




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  1. Yep, love Laure Bassal! Apparently Charlette Rampling wears them all the time – now THAT’S an endorsement!

  2. When you return remind me to show you the 5 pairs of Laure Bassal I hauled back from Paris. Sturdy and sweet xx

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