Muji opens in Sydney


OK this is a store for the neat freaks amongst us. I’m not saying you are compulsive about it …… but you like things in there place. A little wooden tray for this a plastic box for that. Even the socks seem to know there place. I did a quick cruise on Saturday – do not go on a Saturday – lines out of the store.

I’ll go back for a more in depth look, first impressions the clothes are designed for the asian frame their large our small …. good quality for reasonable prices. Some simply designed housewares and lots of plastic bottles. Check out more and hit the link.




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  1. I shop at Muji wherever they are in the world. The clothes do a great job of being forgettable grey, black or beige. Home wares are neat to a fault. But the real heaven is the pen, markers and pencils department. Fab colors. True water fast inks and gels. Good propelling pencils and all at a great price. …..and they are always adding new gizmos.

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