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Mud Australia are having a sale - people who know me well, know how much I love Mud - so even tho I really have no need for more I am off to the sale. I've decided we need to support our local creatives and small businesses. This sale is by appointment only, so no crowds just me and a room full of Mud ... oooops.

As part of the Inner West Council’s Creative Trails, Mud opened their studio doors last Saturday. You all know how much I love this product so I was very excited to have a look behind the scenes.

The open studio consisted of tours of the space where they make their porcelain, talks from the Mud Australia team and live demonstrations of their making processes.

The Mud Process.

Made in our Sydney studio using porcelain clay sourced directly from Limoges, France, the pigment is tinted to the body at slip stage to provide colour depth. Clear glaze is applied to the interior of each piece leaving the exterior with a vitrified stone-like surface that becomes smooth with handling.

Mud Australia porcelain is handmade in our Sydney-factory by our staff of professional and amateur ceramicists. Each piece is designed to last and manufactured using the best materials available.

We gladly adhere to Australia’s strict employment, environmental and health regulations. All glazes and porcelain bodies are non-toxic.

Our porcelain is oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe—making it ideal for domestic and commercial use at the table and in the kitchen.

Later in the day Karen Farmer, signed her - Perfect Match - mural she had just completed on the Mud Door. Perfect Match tackles unwanted graffiti by connecting artists, residents and businesses to collaboratively create fantastic new street artworks in public places.


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