“Moments in Time” an exhibition by Lisa Cotton

My friend Lisa Cotton has an exhibition for the month of June, details below. I have known Lisa, for years, but in a completely different context, so I was so shocked to see that she was such an amazing artist. The exhibition is beautiful do go and see it...

"Moments in Time" is an exhibition by artist Lisa Cotton at Showcase for the month of June, 2021. Work Inc, Bay 6, Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay

"Looking out into the enormity of a body of water or land engulfs me in so many emotions. This connection makes me feel small and yet it fills me with wonder. Moments in Time captures my responses: the stillness and translucency of the ocean; a cool soft mist from an escarpment; and the imminent quiet before a storm threatens the horizon. These works provide an intensely atmospheric balance of colour and tone. The more you look into the paintings, the more you see a state of evolution. I believe nature embodies life’s fleeting moments, existing somewhere between physical and spiritual worlds. Moments in Time stimulates the imagination and evokes a sense of peace and wellbeing."

About the artist

Lisa Cotton is a contemporary oil painter based in Sydney. Over the years, her work has become luminous with light being the most expressive feature, and the harsh delineations of physical objects softened into an atmosphere of spirituality. Her works emerge from her connection to nature and water. For Moments in Time, she has taken inspiration from the beaches of Sydney to the lakes and hillsides of the Illawarra and NSW’s south coast. By building soft layers of colour, she creates scenes from the natural world that are hazy and dreamlike. Her paintings record sensory experiences, blurring the lines between the real and imagined. Instinct plays an important role in Lisa’s paintings. She responds intuitively to the environment and to the material she uses, never really knowing what might transpire. Lisa has studied at Sydney’s National Art School and has had solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and in the Illawarra.

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  1. Wow – gorgeous – wish I could see it in person …I love living with good art- it does the soul “good”.

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