Moksa Restaurant, amazing Vegan Food, Ubud, Bali

Images from the amazing Moksa Vegan Restaurant, Ubud, Bali. December 2017

Moksa Restaurant was a recommendation from our friend Penny Williams the owner/chef of Bali Asli one of favourite restaurants in Bali. It's Vegan she said, so even tho Anon and I have some pretty sad memories of Veggies restaurants of our youth, when Penny recommends somewhere you just say how do I book.

Moksa did not disappoint. What Chef Made manages to produce out a humble jackfruit will leave you gobsmacked. His dishes also look like works of art. If you get a chance to sit and talk to this wonderfully humble man about what he hopes you take away from his extrodinary plant based cuisine it.

We had breakfast and lunch but seriously would have dined more often, if Penny hadn't added more places to her - go to more to come, on that front

This is what Moksa says about itself....

Here at MOKSA, it`s all about enjoyment. Every product we develop first has to satisfy our own demanding criteria in terms of sustainability, freshness, and flavor. Our menus are freshly prepared with love and heart. Using seasonal produce from our permaculture garden is one of our most important principals.

Everybody loves food. However, certain types of food really love you back!

Food so fresh and created with the sole purpose of making you feel great, while tasting absolutely delicious–well, that`s exactly the kind of food that we specialize in making at MOKSA–the very finest, supremely healthy, mouth-watering, local plant-based cuisine that really does love you back!

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