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Another fabulous fifty year old model Caroline Labouchere featured in the online magazine The Modist. In the article she talks about letting her hair go grey as a defining moment.

Knowledge, security, liberation: with age comes an abundance of qualities. Beauty, however, has not historically been considered one of them. Not least by the fashion industry anyway. Scratch that, and meet Caroline Labouchere: the 53-year-old British model dispelling age and beauty stereotypes one photoshoot (and marathon mile) at a time. Kick-starting her career just a few years ago, it wasn’t until she made the conscience decision to stop colouring her naturally greying hair that interest in her as a high-fashion model began to grow. Since then, she’s become the first grey model to be signed in the Middle East, quickly followed by international attention, posing as ‘Rosemary’ in a campaign for Rosemary Water. It seems fitting that this model-athlete would get her big break posing as a woman with age-defying ‘super powers’, gracing the pages of British Vogue in the meantime.

With brands and publications today like The MOD, Allure and Gentlewomen (to name just a few) championing diversity, the industry is definitely of redefining what beauty means now. “Why put an age limit on something?” Caroline shares when we discuss more mature models being not being represented on the catwalks. “Looking at the designer collections, I know that I would look amazing in some of those designs.” As The MOD magazine’s June issue cover star, Caroline does just that, encompassing and embracing her natural beauty effortlessly. Her cascading silver hair, glistening bright eyes and impeccably-fit physique defy her years, but her sense of strength, professionalism and heart-warming anecdotes are unmistakably those of a woman with experience and maturity. Despite the 40 degree desert heat, Caroline embraces her surroundings to model The Modist’s collection of summer tailoring and statement dresses, taking it in her stride, she says, “I’ve learnt not to take myself too seriously, to go with the flow, and to believe in myself. I think it’s good as you get older to do something that scares you. You only live once!”

Caroline believes that the likes of Maye Musk and Yazemeenah Rossi are leading the way when it comes to grey hair, proving that actually, age does come before beauty. “I really believe older people have so much to offer. So much wisdom and experience, in every single field.” She continues, “age is just a number. It’s a total non-factor – that is the best phrase for it.” But it’s not just her physical beauty that makes a case for embracing the aging process in an era that is largely fighting it, it’s her sense of freedom.

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