The Mingle Bar – our bar – Ubud, Bali

Images from the Mingle Bar and Cafe, Ubud, Bali. Dec 2017. The perfect way to start a night out in downtown Ubud.

Mingle Bar and Cafe, Ubud, Bali. Dec 2017

The Mingle Bar became ” Our Bar ” during our stay in Ubud, Bali recently. This bar has a great happy hour, generous and very well made cocktails. We liked the atmosphere and in particular this table. If you over stay and have just one too many cocktails, the food is OK, nothing flash but frankly will you remember…probably not.

The staff here a delightful….so don’t forget to tip!


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  1. This is a terrific place to kick off a night in Ubud. Great view from our favourite table on the upstairs terrace where you can watch the passing revellers, terrific cooling swing fans, very generous two for one cocktails (effectively A$5 including a well deserved tip for the wonderful staff) and tasty range of small nibbles to have with your cocktails.

    And just a few metres from 2 of the most amazing restaurants in Ubud (coming up in future blogs) NUSITANA and PICA

    Definite drop in if planning a night out in Ubud.

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