Meryl Streep on Hillary Clinton

Meryl Streep on Hilary

Promise this will be the last thing about Hillary until she wins….But this is a pretty important moment for us women!

And this is too good a speech to let go…

This is Meryl Streep talking at a gathering called “Women of the World” the title of the speech is The Hidden Hillary. It is interesting, because there is a lot we don’t know about Hillary.

Meryl points out, in her opening, that women can be hard on other women, and its true. We can be very hash critics, even with our dearest friends…”what was she thinking wearing that”? Germaine Greer talking about Julia Gilard’s clothes on Q & A …. look in the mirror Germain…that was a JOKE! etc etc, but we are, also other women’s staunchest supporters.

We can be such bitches to our own. Or is it critical in a constructive way Could it be that for us to succeed in a male domain we know the road will be harder we may well have to be better, not just as good, but better to be allowed to do the job. We expect more of us.

That’s why this speech is interesting, if Hillary were a man you would know all this wonderful work she has done for women and girls already.

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