Mercado de Sonora – Esoteric Market – Mexico City

The Mercado de Sonora in Mexico City is a MUST visit when visiting Mexico City

Are you broke? Your spouse left for another lover? Is your soul dirty and filled with bad energy.

For just about anything that ails you, there’s a solution in the Sonora Market or Mercado de Sonora, the largest esoteric market found in the historic centre in Mexico City the largest market in Mexico and a must-see for those interested in mysticism. Local vendors have an answer to any of life’s daily troubles in the form of a magic soap, a holy water spray, or a ritual pamphlets.

The span of products offered is immense, ranging from fruits and vegetables to bread or shampoo or caged animals from chickens to dogs and rabbits. You can buy just about anything. A large array of vernacular religions are represented in Sonora, from Voodoo to la Santa Muerte via Brujeria, the Mexican term for sorcery which comes with its own bizarre recipe.

A number of these beliefs are practiced by people alongside their Catholic faith, a syncretic phenomenon with the most incredible imagery and rituals. This place has all the ingredients for Mexican witchcraft. Aisles are crammed with stalls hawking potions, amulets, voodoo dolls and other esoterica. This is also the place for a limpia (spiritual cleansing), a ritual involving clouds of incense and a herbal brushing.

It's two blocks south of metro Merced.

This is another place in Mexico City I could have stayed for days .... but with my Voo Doo dolls and lotions in hand lunch was calling.

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