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Some bites from the New York Times about Megyn Kelly’s new book Settle for More…..She seems to make sitting on the fence into a whole new art form…
won’t call herself a feminist, got there all on her own? Waits till some one else puts their head up and calls out sexual harassment before putting her hand up and saying me too!

What do you think?

Throughout the 2016 election, Ms. Kelly questioned Mr. Trump and his surrogates about the sexual harassment and assault accusations rapidly accumulating against him. But her memoir is a reminder that she is a complicated feminist figure — starting with the fact that she rejects the label “feminist.” The needle she threads has an almost microscopic eye. She is trying simultaneously to appeal to both her new “Lean-In” fan base and the regular Fox news watchers who abhor identity politics.

“The less time talking about our gender, the better,” she writes, adding that she’s made her own destiny: “So many broadcasters line up outside the boss’s office, asking for this show or that one. I’ve spent my time in my own office, working night and day, and opportunity came to me.”

The Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has spent the better part of the last year living in the main gladiator pit of 2016, becoming as much a target for Donald J. Trump as any of his opponents and emerging as a pivotal figure in the forced resignation of the Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes, whom she accused of sexual harassment.

Ms. Kelly said she thought some journalists “did go overboard” against Mr. Trump. But she said, “The vast majority of the controversy he generated, and in many instances intentionally — with the goal of being covered.”

She added, “It’s a bit like the boy who kills his parents and then begs for mercy on the grounds that he’s an orphan, right?”

One thing about being president is you get covered without even trying. Even if past isn’t prologue, this is going to be interesting.

It turns out that Mr. Trump and Mr. Ailes have a number of things in common, besides their politics. Both are 70-something tycoons. Both are obsessed with loyalty, thin-skinned and fragile. And both face accusations of sexual harassment from a number of women.

The anchor Gretchen Carlson was the first to make this claim in public against Mr. Ailes. But she was by no means the only one. As Radar Online has already reported, Ms. Kelly confirms in her memoir that about a decade ago, she, too, was on the receiving end of Mr. Ailes’s advances.


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