Meet Linda V Wright, older model, blogger

Lynda V Wright, over 50's style blogger who lives in Paris with a shop called Crimson

I discovered Linda V Wright when I slipped down a Pinterest rabbit hole the other day. She was a model and still is for her blog http://www.lindavwright.com.

I think she is a wonderful example of over 50’s style and a great older model. She also has a store in Paris, where she has lived for years, called https://www.crimson-cashmere.com.

Amazing what you can find out about a person from their blog/instagram. She has two very beautiful daughters, one grandchild and a very dapper looking ex husband, her best friend Betsy was also a model but lives in New York. Oh my god now I’m sounding like a blog stalker. But honestly we over “50 bloggers” are a rare breed so I’m always delighted to find another like mind, and then introduce them to you.

Her shop Crimson seems to specialise in cashmere and in particular, cashmere ponchos.The poncho is – not for me – however Linda makes them look very stylish indeed.

The elements that I loved about Linda’s look, the worn jeans, the cashmere, the slides….she also has a wonderful uniform for her frequent trips to Morocco a soft silk pant.

After spending about an hour wondering around this lovely woman’s life I think she sounds very warm and dare I say……. normal who has a wonderful wardrobe. I can’t believe she has’nt turned up on sites like The Sartoralist!

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  1. I love her style… but I’m only 5’4″. How tall/weight is Linda? Cause I’m pretty sure, even if I wore THOSE clothes, I wouldn’t look like that! Style is so personal. I think you have to create your own.

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      I have no idea how tall or the weight of Linda, but I’m guessing tall, given she was a model. I’m 5’5″ so completely understand what you are saying. Style is and should be very personal.
      But I do love Linda’s style.

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      Hello Francene,
      I’m not Linda, I just did a post about her on my blog. She has a shop in Paris called Crimson that sells cashmere and is on Instagram as Linda V Wright. Yes she was a model.

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