Meditation on a Volcano ends – Mt Agung, Bali

Villa Sidemen and Mt Agung, Sidemen, East Bali, January 2018

I’m not saying this is the last of my Mt Agung, Volcano appreciation museings, but enough for now. The post on Villa Sidemen, where we stayed, will be on the blog tomorrow. So you too … can hang onto the edge of the infinity pool and take in the majesty of Mt Agung.

Just so you know….this is a prediction from a priest called Mangku Bon about when to expect the next explosion ….. interviewed by the Daily Mail

A Balinese priest has made a chilling prediction about the island’s volcano, Mount Agung, which has been spewing ash and smoke for months.

Spiritual leader Mangku Bon, who trekked to the peak of the erupting volcano in October to make a peace offering, told local news outlets he is ‘not sure the volcano will erupt’ any time soon.

While Mangku Bon said the volcano will continue to be ‘a slow eruption’, his predictions for the future were daunting.

‘The next explosion will be in 45 years (in 2062). The next explosion will be big like 1963,’ he said.

Stay tuned……

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