May Musk for James Perse

This is so wonderful. The striking May Musk ( she is 68 ) shot for the James Perse Autumn 2016 collection.These Photographs by Noah Stone.

I know we are often years behind our American friends when it comes to trends…….BUT …Jac and Jack and Bassike YOU could do this and engage a whole new audience. The audience that has the money to pay for your clothes.

While I’m at it…… A RANT… Jac and Jack if you sized your clothes to reflect the norm I’m not sure who you impress with a model is wearing M pushing size 12 to XLarge, what model on earth wears M.


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  1. I’d love to hear the answer from Jac and Jack – and others – as to why they don’t show the people that can afford their range wearing their range….The above photos are amazing and they’d certainly get me in the door….

  2. Elegance and style….my only quibble is how ordinary older people now feeling the pressure to be thin, “look wonderful”, Look much younger, etc etc.
    but I try to look at the pictures as art, not as cultural pressure….

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