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Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen Mark, a true heroine of mine has died aged 75. She leaves behind such a very important body of work that should inspire every young photographer, as she did me.

She was a photojournalist/documentary photographer whose strong commitment to those in Society who have little to no voice was continual and heart felt. She helped me stay true to a path in photography that is not often rewarded or acknowledged. Thank you Mary Ellen.

“She was sort of chivalrous in a way, a remarkable woman and a remarkable friend,” Ms. Harris said. “As a photographer, she was an exceedingly sensitive storyteller who related very intimately to her subjects, and was able to convey something about them that got right to someone’s heart.”




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  1. Two fine women you’ve published in the last couple of days……Miuccia Prada and now Mary Ellen Mark.
    Good for the soul.

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