The Margarita Atwood – Women’s Libation – The book

This book, Women’s Libation is the perfect present for those girlfriends amongst us in need of a drink ……. and who hasn’t been there. Start with a Margarita Atwood.

A Book That’s One-Part Cocktails and One-Part Feminism

More than a year ago, when the illustrator and bartender Merrily Grashin put pen to paper for a cocktail guide, she felt “optimistic about the direction our country was going in,” she remembers. “We were on the brink of electing our first female president and I wanted to create something that illuminated this era of progress.” Fast forward to last Tuesday: Grashin released her book “Women’s Libation! Cocktails to Celebrate a Woman’s Right to Booze,” exactly 12 months after the presidential election, a date that she (still) calls auspicious. “In hard times,” she says, “you need a really stiff drink and a bad joke.”

The book contains 75-plus recipes, each with a punny name, background info and an original illustration. There’s the Margarita Atwood, which has a lime wheel and a dash of bitters floating on top, for a drinkable interpretation of “under his eye”; the Joan of Arc & Stormy, a traditional Dark and Stormy with an added drop of absinthe, the domineering French spirit once popular among the French; and the Betty Friedan-inspired Feminine Mys-tiki (“tiki cocktail recipes look complicated because there are so many ingredients, but they’re pretty easy to make,” she helpfully notes). Grashin also included explainers on bartending tools and terminology, and designated the last pages as a resources section. She hopes readers will get involved in the various movements that “Women’s Libation!” mentions — and come together under non-booze-soaked circumstances too. $16,


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  1. Well, this is appropriate for the birthday girl ! The Margarita Atwood sounds worth trying. As does the Joan of Arc. Perhaps we will have a play with some of these tonight ?

    But no doubt birthday girl would like to see an Annie Oakley included somewhere in the recipes. If not included, we will work on creating one tonight !!!

    Have a great day birthday girl

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