Mapo Newtown – Italian artisan Gelato – please support!

It’s so important to support our small local businesses…

Mapo, Newtown is a new Italian artisan gelato bar that is fully sustainable and is one of the most welcome arrivals into Newtown for some time. You have to try this Gelato!

Matteo Bochintesta, the owner, studied Environmental Architecture in Milan, he then worked for an Australian Architectural company for 3 or 4 years. ” I got a little bit sick of the office job and sitting in front of a computer all day. “A good friend, who had a good job working with Gelato suggested I go work with him back in Italy. It sounded like a very good career change. He taught me the secrets of how to make a great Gelato ….” so here I am”

What is the Secret to your Gelato?

“Good ingredients, organic milk and chocolate. We source all our fruit everyday from the markets. Its all about the recipe and how you balance the ingredients to get that classic texture that you find in the best Italian Gelato. Ours is a little creamier than the classic but its all about the ingredients. We don’t try to do too many flavours but to do them well.”

Why Did you decide to be Sustainable?

“It’s always been my passion, thats why I studied architecture. I thought it would be the best way to make a difference in the world, working on houses. In Australia I struggled to find a firm that was interested in sustainability. There are a few but I couldn’t find any to work with. I felt I was loosing my passion so I started my own business focussing on this Gelato.”

Why did you Open In Newtown?

“There are a few Gelato shops in Newtown, so there is competition but I thought we would make something a little bit different, raise the quality. In Newtown people understand that, people here are interested in new things, I like Newtown because the people are welcoming they like local and Independent places, its a good fit for us.”


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  1. Being a tragic Italophile I discovered these guys last year when they opened, and haven’t bought a gelato anywhere else since. They are the perfect dessert after dinner up in King Street (remember when!), well perfect anytime actually. Just love them.

  2. Looks amazing, I am doing dry July which of course means I can have gelato especially one that looks this great – what a great addition to this part of the hood! Thanks for the heads up Lorrie….

  3. Absolutely love this place. It’s really hard to find a licorice gelato and their’s is the best I’ve tasted. Really lovely people as well.

  4. This is just the best Gelato I have ever tasted. And that includes selfless rigorous testing in Italy.

    Probably just as well we are ‘dry July’ with parallel serious diet.

    But I know where I will be at 12 noon opening time on 1st August !

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