Manuela Carmena – Mayor of Madrid

Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid

With our very own Mayoral elections just around the corner I thought it timely to have a look at a trend around the world of Female Mayors and the trend away from the Political norms and parties.

One of them is Manuela Carmena, a 72-year-old former judge and UN special rapporteur who managed to pull off the seemingly impossible in Madrid.

Fed up with their misbehaving political class, Spaniards swung behind a batch of unorthodox citizen-led formations during 2015’s municipal elections. Seven regional capitals are now governed by new left-leaning coalitions, which has catapulted a new group of mayors onto the scene, all with bold pledges to usher in a new political era.

here is a link to a very interesting interview with her…..

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