Lunch @ Nusantara Ubud, Bali with Penny Williams

Nusantara Restuarant lunch with Penelope Williams, Ubud, Bali, January 2018

This second visit to the restaurant Nusantara in Ubud, Bali was pretty special. We had lunch with one our favourite people, Penny Williams, who is the owner/Chef of Bali Asli in East Bali.

Penny had just returned from a visit to Lake Tomah in Sumatra so bought her knowledge and adventurous palate to the table.Needless to say our table groaned with food from Aceh, West Java, North Sulawesi in fact food from all over the Indonesian Archipelago.

It was also a delight to see how supportive the Chefs of these fabulous restaurants are of one another. The staff of Nusantara had visited Bali Asli and Penny was planning a visit for her staff to Nusantara.

If you are in Ubud I can't recommend this lovely restaurant more highly. Their incredibly creative cocktail menu is worth the visit alone. Details like their own brewed tea, plate ware and the very warm and very helpful staff make it a multiple visit restaurant for us.

The spice level is to local taste, so if you like your food on the mild side let them know.

Next week on the Blog will be all about Bali Asli, an Interview with Penny Willams a visit to the restaurant the local market and Penny's healer. Reasons why a day trip at the very least to Bali Asli and East Bali should be on your to do list when visiting Ubud.

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